Common questions and things to consider regarding renting a mobile phone from us:

If you would like to see our range of mobile phones available for rental, please see the following link. If you would like to apply to rent a phone it can be done via our website by adding the product to the cart and checking out. 


  1. Can we rent other smart phone models which aren’t listed on your website? We can rent most mobile phones models; contact your nearest store and we will let you know if that model is available for rental and provide you with a quote.
  2. Are the smart phone rentals brand new? All phones available for rental are brand new unless specifically stated otherwise
  3. Does my mobile phone rental come with insurance? No, we do not offer insurance on the rental items. We strongly recommend that all customers have contents insurance with accidental breakage cover and have portable cover for items like smart phones, laptop, camera’s etc.
  4. Can I return the phone I have on rental? Yes, the rented phone can be returned at any time for any reason. In the event the phone is returned in good clean working condition with all supplied accessories fair wear and tear accepted the only outstanding amount would be any overdue rental repayments. If the mobile phone is damaged additional fees will apply.
  5. Does my mobile phone rental come with free delivery? Deliver is offered at no additional cost within our service area.
  6. What do I do if something goes wrong with phone I rented? Contact us straight away and we can organise the repair process for you. We collect the item from you and get it repaired and return it to you. In the event you have broken the phone, please contact us so we can get it assessed to see if it is repairable. We can organise for broken phones to be repaired but additional fees to cover the cost of the repair will apply.
  7. Cost: Renting is significantly more expensive over the long run when compared to purchasing outright. But customers may find renting more convenient for several reasons, like no upfront cost, weekly or fortnightly repayments, customer care for the duration of the agreement, free delivery and installation. As this style of agreement is significantly more expensive when compared to purchasing from a retail store, customers should consider their needs, objectives and financial situations before applying for rental products.
  8. How do I apply? Applications can be made via our website. To apply hit the add to cart button on the desired product/s. Once the product are in the cart you can check out, you will then be directed to the application form.


If you would like to see our range of mobile phones available for rental, please see the following link.


If you need any assistance regarding product selection, making an application or have any questions please contact us, as we will be happy to assist you. You can find our contact information here