Why Choose Rental Appliances

Why Choose Rental Appliances

Ever had to cut down your grocery bills because you had to pay for a new washer which left a large dent in your monthly savings? Or you’ve been postponing getting a new fridge because the price is higher than you can afford at the moment? Is your fridge using heaps of electricity and not keeping your food fresh as long as it should?

Rental appliances save you the stress of expensive upfront payments while you enjoy the full benefits of your appliances; but that’s not all. We offer a lot more benefits for home appliance rentals, read more to find out.

Benefits of Using Rent To Own’s Home Rental Appliances

Brand New Products with Warranty

Our rental appliances are all brand new products and come with a manufacturers’ warranty. If you have any trouble with your rental product just call us and we will organise the warranty process for you. If we can’t get it sorted within a few days we will arrange a loan unit.

Flexible Contracts

Whether it is a washer and dryer rental, kitchen appliances rental, fridge rental or laundry appliance rentals, our rent to own contracts offer flexible terms and reasonable installments.

Reasonable Payments

Our rental contract offers reasonable instalments over the 2 year term. Repayments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Zero Upfront Payment

You don’t have to worry about having to pay upfront for your home appliance rental anymore because you can start using your appliances without any upfront payment. Delivery and installation is included in your rent to own agreement.

Fast Approval

We appreciate that sometimes your rental appliances are needed urgently. Our turnaround is generally 1-2 business days from when your application is received. If your product is needed urgently please let us know and we may be able to fast track your application and delivery. We may even be able to deliver same day.

Product Varieties

We offer a wide range of products at Rent to Own Home Appliances, ranging from, laundry appliance rentals, fridge rentals, rent to own kitchen appliances, washer and dryer rentals, etc.

Top-notch Customer service

We provide top-notch customer support that is always available to speak with you (during business hours) or help out in case of questions or concerns and technical assistance with your products.

Delivery and Installation

Rent to Own offers free delivery and installation services to customers within our service area. We service all areas that are within Queensland and within a 1 hours’ drive of either of our two stores. We have stores in Beenleigh and Morayfield. From these two locations we are able to service a large area from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast as well as out to Ipswich and surrounding areas.

Zero Long term Commitment

Our rental contracts come with the option to return at any time. This gives you piece of mind in knowing that if your needs change you can return the product without any financial penalty. If the product is returned in good condition (fair wear and tear accepted) and you are up to date with your rental repayments then there will be no further moneys owing.

At Rent to Own, we provide you with brand new rental appliances so that you can enjoy reliable brand new products, while you pay convenient instalments on our flexible contracts. Get in touch with us today.

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