Rental Appliances

Rental Appliances

In the current climate where you may not prefer to part with a large sum of money for your upcoming appliance purchase, the appliance rentals option could be the answer for you. Rent to Own offers rental payments on a weekly basis for a twenty-four-month contract. Given fridges are likely to be the most expensive appliance in your whole kitchen (aside from ovens and stovetops), this is a prime appliance to consider an appliance rental on as there is always the large upfront costs for that perfect fridge to suit your kitchen and your lifestyle. At Rent to Own we pride ourselves on our high-quality selection of rental appliances and each fridge on offer has been carefully selected by our purchasing team so you have various options when engaging us for an appliance rental. With our fridge rentals starting from thirteen dollars a week for a 311L fridge freezer through to our more premium side by side and french door fridges offered in different colours to adapt your interior. Our higher end fridge rentals go up to convenient instalments of forty-two dollars a week. With our extensive range of fridges kept in stock in our warehouses, we can potentially quickly assist you should you need a fridge rental.

Kitchen Appliances for Rent to Own

If you’re in the market for a modern dishwasher or microwave Rent to Own kitchen appliance rentals can potentially assist with your acquisition with no upfront payment. Rather than seeing a big cash outflow in these uncertain times, you can be left with repayment schedules on our full range of dishwashers and microwaves. Despite already having a fantastic range of Rent to Own kitchen appliances, if you’re not able to find an appliances that suits your particular needs you can reach out to our helpful team on the exact appliance and model you’re after and we can provide you costings on the rental appliance you’re after. Our team is committed to exceeding expectations with the ability to source a wide range of appliances and pair the appliance with a weekly cost. Our quoted prices on our Rent to Own appliances are based on our twenty-four-month Rent To Own contract and as part of our committed service we provide you with free delivery on all appliances as well as installation. Talk about service! If a twenty-four-month term doesn’t quite suit, our contracts are in fact flexible; we tailor this to allow our customers to benefit from flexible weekly repayments and as part of this there’s absolutely no upfront cost to you and we strive to provide you with a fast approval as we understand the need for a new appliance in some cases can be quite urgent. Approval is dependent on your financial circumstances but we aim to provide you with a result within a timely manner.

Rent to Own Laundry Appliances

In all households across Australia the need for a quality washing machine and dryer is paramount to any functioning household. You can expect an average household in Australia to use to at minimum one load per day depending on the number of household members. For many Australians financially committing to a new washing machine or dryer might be out of the question due to constantly rising living costs and other commitments like mortgages or rent and so on. At Rent to Own we provide a washer and dryer rental solution to many Australians that allow them access to these appliances on terms that are more suitable to their budget and lifestyle. With front and top loader washing machines on offer and quality dryers to complement our washing machine offer, Rent to Own has your laundry appliance rentals covered in full. If you can’t see a washing machine or dryer that suits your needs our team is glad to provide pricing on a customer order. As part of our all-inclusive rent to own service we are also in a position to provide a speedy delivery and installation service.


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