Rent To Own Home Appliances

Rent To Own Home Appliances

Rent To Own Home Appliances

Rent To Own Home Appliances

There are many times in peoples lives when they may need to rent home appliances instead of purchasing them. With Rent to Own’s competitive rental rates you can now own the goods no more to pay at the end of the rental period. If an essential household appliance like your refrigerator, washing machine, or television has just broken down unexpectedly allowing you no time to save for a replacement, call Rent to Own, we can often get one to you same or following business day. . With a choice of 12 or 24-month contracts, quick application process and  fast free delivery customers can get the required goods faster than expected (usually within 1-2 business days). To make things even easier, applications can be done online, over the phone or, of course, in store. There is no deposit needed, just a few items of verification. To complete an application we need to verify our customers financial situation via a bank statement. With the use of statements can be submitted electronically securely and quickly (the feature is built into our online application page and can be emailed to customers completing their application over the phone).. We understand how hard it is to fill a house full of necessities and we want to make things as easy as possible, so a home can be enjoyed to its full potential. Here is a little more information about some of the appliances we have on offer.

Rent to own fridge

Possibly one of the most important things that is needed in a home is a fridge. Furthermore, a rent to own fridge needs to be big enough for your family and be stylish, why just rent fridges when you can rent to own! We have a variety of different refrigerators with different price options that are sure to suit any family of any size. Purchasers are able to own their fridge after 24 months and will not have to lay down any deposit or pay for delivery. A rent to own fridge can be the perfect saviour when old refrigerators randomly break down, which always seems to happen around Christmas or birthdays. Instead of stressing, a rent to own fridge can easily be applied for and can quickly be delivered. We fully appreciate how urgent a replacement refrigerator can be and will do our best to get one to you asap (usually same or following day).

Rent to own TV’s

While some people think that a TV isn’t a necessity, we understand how important it is. A television can help bring the family together and is a great way to wind down after a long day. . When an old TV breaks down, or when moving into a new place, rent to own TV’s are the perfect option for every family. We stock a wide range of smart rent to own TV’s starting from only $7 per week. For those looking for something a little more extravagant, we have a 70” option that includes Android TV and more. All of our rent to own TV’s come with a three-year warranty, giving purchasers the peace of mind that their items won’t break before they are able to pay them off. Choosing to rent is a great way to not break the bank while also impressing loved ones with a brand new smart TV.

Rent Other appliances

As well as refrigerators and TV’s we also offer a range of other appliances that can be rented. Such items include air conditioners, freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners and more. We even offer furniture options and fitness equipment. Families are able to fill their whole house with all of our products available if they choose. We take pride in our services because we are able to help many people in need who are otherwise unable to come up with a lump sum to purchase their necessities. Rent to Own Home Appliances is a family owned and operated business and customer service is of paramount important. We appreciate that renting your home appliances rather than purchasing them outright is more expensive and we are always willing to put the extra effort in to add value for our customers. If you are someone who may not have the upfront costs to fill your home and want great after sales support then renting to own appliances may be the perfect option for you.

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