Moving Out of The Family Home

Moving Out of The Family Home

People of all ages know that moving home can be stressful and is often quite expensive! Leaving the family home to strike out on your own is one of the biggest steps that a young person can make and also one of the most financially risky.

Many young people who are leaving home can find themselves with a lack of available funds with which to purchase the appliances and goods they need. In these situations, purchasing furniture or appliances through a rent to own option may be your first step towards independence. The benefits include greater flexibility, a better range of brand new goods to choose from and the option of taking ownership of them at the end of the contract.

On this page we present our top tips for anyone about to make the break from the parental home.

Build a Better Budget

Finding your feet in the outside world means choosing a smooth financial path and sticking to it. The best way to build a budget is to ascertain just exactly what your weekly expenses will be. Include estimates for food, rent, communications, utilities, transportation and entertainment costs. If you are having difficulty working these out, do some research online or ask friends who have already moved out of home. Be sure you know exactly how much money will be coming in each week and make certain that you are able to cover all outgoings. It is also advisable to try to have some savings or a line of available credit in case of emergencies.

Furnish Your Home Wisely

For many young families limited access to large sums of money means buying new appliances or furniture upfront is simply out of the question. Too often young people settle for substandard second hand goods which can be unreliable. By choosing a rent to own option, young people can have high quality name brand appliances and furniture immediately at their disposal with no upfront costs. From fridges to lounges, TVs to stereos, beds to computers, Rent To Own Home Appliances can provide you with the big-ticket items that you need to set up house.

Call Rent To Own Home Appliances in Brisbane to find out how or visit our stores in Morayfield or Beenleigh to see our range for yourself. We deliver and install for free throughout our service area. We service from Noosa to Tweed and as far west as Ipswich and Kilcoy. We deliver most business days to North Brisbane areas like Morayfield, Caboolture, Deception Bay and up to the Sunshine Coast and South Brisbane areas like Logan, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Beenleigh, Eagleby, Woodridge, Kingston, Marsden, Waterford, Inala and the surrounding areas.

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