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Why Choose Rental Appliances

Ever had to cut down your grocery bills because you had to pay for a new washer which left a large dent in your monthly savings? Or you’ve been postponing getting a new fridge because the price is higher than you can afford at the moment? Is your fridge using heaps of electricity and not keeping your food fresh as long as it should? Rental appliances save you the stress of expensive upfront payments while you enjoy the full benefits of your appliances; but that’s not all. We offer a lot more benefits for home appliance rentals, read more to find out.

Benefits of Using Rent To Own’s Home Rental Appliances

Brand New Products with Warranty

Our rental appliances are all brand new products and come with a manufacturers’ warranty. If you have any trouble with your rental product just call us and we will organise the warranty process for you. If we can’t get it sorted within a few days we will arrange a loan unit.

Flexible Contracts

Whether it is a washer and dryer rental, kitchen appliances rental, fridge rental or laundry appliance rentals, our rent to own contracts offer flexible terms and reasonable installments.

Reasonable Payments

Our rental contract offers reasonable instalments over the 2 year term. Repayments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Zero Upfront Payment

You don't have to worry about having to pay upfront for your home appliance rental anymore because you can start using your appliances without any upfront payment. Delivery and installation is included in your rent to own agreement.

Fast Approval

We appreciate that sometimes your rental appliances are needed urgently. Our turnaround is generally 1-2 business days from when your application is received. If your product is needed urgently please let us know and we may be able to fast track your application and delivery. We may even be able to deliver same day.

Product Varieties

We offer a wide range of products at Rent to Own Home Appliances, ranging from, laundry appliance rentals, fridge rentals, rent to own kitchen appliances, washer and dryer rentals, etc.

Top-notch Customer service

We provide top-notch customer support that is always available to speak with you (during business hours) or help out in case of questions or concerns and technical assistance with your products.

Delivery and Installation

Rent to Own offers free delivery and installation services to customers within our service area. We service all areas that are within Queensland and within a 1 hours’ drive of either of our two stores. We have stores in Beenleigh and Morayfield. From these two locations we are able to service a large area from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast as well as out to Ipswich and surrounding areas.

Zero Long term Commitment

Our rental contracts come with the option to return at any time. This gives you piece of mind in knowing that if your needs change you can return the product without any financial penalty. If the product is returned in good condition (fair wear and tear accepted) and you are up to date with your rental repayments then there will be no further moneys owing. At Rent to Own, we provide you with brand new rental appliances so that you can enjoy reliable brand new products, while you pay convenient instalments on our flexible contracts. Get in touch with us today.

Essential Home Appliances to Rent when Moving into a New House

Do you plan to move to a new house? Does investing in home appliances essentials take a toll on your savings? Here's good news, technology can make your life easy! To make your new space comfortable and functional, it is important to have adequate home appliances. You can get a collection of home appliances from good brands at Rent to Own. With locations in Beenleigh and Morayfield, Rent to Own provides rental and delivery to most of south-east QLD, including Caboolture, Deception Bay, Logan, the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Eagleby, and many other areas. All Rent to Own kitchen, laundry, fridge, washer, dryer or home appliance rentals come with free delivery and installation as well.

List of Home Appliances for Rent

  • Air Conditioners
    • Window
    • Portable
  • Kitchen Appliances
    • Dishwasher
    • Microwave
  • Laundry Appliances
    • Top Load Washing Machine
    • Front Load Washing Machine
  • Freezers
    • Chest Freezer
    • Upright Freezer
  • Refrigerators
    • Top Mount Freezer Fridge
    • Bottom Mount Freezer Fridge
    • Side by Side Fridge Freezer
    • French Door Freezer Fridge
  • Vacuum Cleaners
    • Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaners
    • Zero Cord Vacuum Cleaners

Benefits of Renting Home Appliances

  • Convenient
Apply online, over the phone or through an in-store visit and get it delivered at no additional cost. Delivery includes installation, demonstration on how to use your new product and removal of all packaging and waste.
  • Nothing to Pay Upfront We require no upfront deposit and delivery and installation is included in the rental plan.
  • Hassle-Free Our rental plans include support for your product. If you have any trouble with the product we can help. We offer over the phone and onsite troubleshooting at no additional cost. If your product needs warranty repairs we will handle the process for you. If the repair process is going to take more than a few days we can often supply a loan unit.
  • Flexibility
If your situation changes and the product you are renting no longer meets your needs it can be returned. If the product is returned in good condition your contract will be cancelled, so long as you are up to date with your repayments there will be no more to pay.

Why choose Rent to own?

  • No Upfront Costs We don’t require any deposit. All deliveries and installations are free!
  • Contactless Services due to Covid-19 We take online applications, calls and emails for all consultations. For in-store visits, prior appointments are required. All deliveries are contactless and paperwork can be signed electronically.
  • Flexible Payment Options All rents can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly by direct debit or if you receive a Centrelink entitlement Centrepay may be available.
  • Broad Service Area Rent to own service all areas within a 100km radius of either of the two stores (Beenleigh and Morayfield in Queensland).
  • Full Installation Service Disconnecting the old product. Unboxing, assembly, setup, testing, instruction on the use of new product and removal of all waste.
  • Customer Support Get an on-call service or schedule a house visit, where the repairman will visit your home to fix the problem.
  • Full Warranty As all products are brand new, they come with a full warranty.
When moving to a new home save yourself the time and effort of bringing all your appliances with you. Instead, let Rent to Own’s home appliance rentals come to your rescue and save you the stress. Get in contact with us today to organize your rental appliances!

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Appliance Rentals

Renting appliances for the first time can be daunting, but it’s also an exciting time because new technology can make your life much easier.

We know what it’s like, you spend a long time thinking and planning about which home appliance rental will be the best fit. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

At Rent to Own, we want to extend our services and guidance to you as much as possible. So the tips in this article will help you enter the renting world without the hassle of committing rookie mistakes.

Keep on reading to find out some of the common mistakes to avoid when choosing your new rental appliance.

  1. Choosing Home Appliance Rentals That Are Beyond your Budget

We know that many state-of-the-art fridge rentals, laundry appliance rentals, and more seem tempting. It can be an elegant and fancy inclusion to your new home, but aesthetics are not everything.

Making sure to look for rental appliances that are within your price range is a wise decision. Do not choose appliances that will become a burden to you in the long run—no matter how good they may look.

  1. Not Getting Insurance for Rental Appliances

Usually, a home's insurance policy does not include your personal property. Suppose there's a burglary, fire, or flood, your appliances will be at risk. Your insurance can cover the repairs and damages for your appliance rentals. It is a wise decision to be prepared and have a backup plan for the future.

  1. Not Checking Out the Appliances Rentals in Person

Whether you are choosing rent to own kitchen appliances or washer and dryer rentals, it is a must to see the product in person. Why? It is because if you search and shop online, everything may look perfect, but that’s not always the case.

It’s best to see for yourself that everything is working and in good condition. Asking about potential issues is also easier since the rental company can show you how to address and fix them properly.

  1. Signing the Lease without Reading and Understanding It

Rushing into a rental agreement can lead to a lot of complications and hassle. Remember, you have to read everything on the lease because there might be clauses that can affect you in the future.

You should also check who will handle the responsibility of repairs and your lease's exact duration. Make sure that you understand the penalties and charges you may face if you do not abide by any clause in the agreement.

  1. Choosing Poor Quality Appliance Rentals

Having a tight budget can affect your renting decisions because you are searching for a practical choice. But paying a lower upfront price and receiving poor quality appliances may cause you expensive repairs in the future.

Do not sacrifice quality and durability when looking for affordable appliances. Look into its specs and maintenance to see if the appliance is worth the investment in the long run.

What to do next

At Rent to Own, our mission is to give you the best quality service because your satisfaction is our priority. So check out our website and choose from our range of home appliance rentals. We have fridge rentals and laundry appliance rentals, as well as washer and dryer rentals


5 Qualities To Look For In Appliance Rentals

Buying appliances can be a wallet-straining decision. It can cost a fortune, even before they start contributing to your monthly bills. Upfront payments can also be costly especially for those building a new home. So, it’s a good thing that many rental appliances are available in the market today. With the variety of choices laid out for you, it can be a daunting task to choose which one is worth it. If you have second thoughts on which appliance rentals to choose then read on. Below are the must-have qualities in appliance rentals that you should be on the look-out for. Simple yet high-quality There is a huge wave of new appliances out there. It's hard to resist the urge to choose a fancier model over a reliable one. Lavish appliances with dozens of high-tech features may have expensive repairs too. Your main goal in buying appliances is for them to last in your home for a long time and not to impress anyone. Be practical and pick a simple one that will do the job well. Make sure they’re well-reviewed Testing an appliance before bringing it home can be a bit of a challenge in the world right now. But, there are other ways to find out their quality. For example, picking washer and dryer rentals with 4 or 5-star reviews. Doing this can help you get to know more about the product before buying it. Plus, review panels can give you a lot of insight into the product and its specs. The next best thing to testing it out in person is reading how well other customers review it. Easy to use From rent to own kitchen appliances to laundry appliance rentals, what's important is that it is easy enough to operate. Easy to use rental appliances are beneficial for owners who are not tech-savvy. Plus they will also be able to troubleshoot problems by themselves. So, there can be no need for costly repair services. Reasonable price A lower price does not always equate to lower quality. You can find many appliance rentals with reasonable prices and reliable performance. But, the price should be relative to what it offers. If it is too cheap, then there can be shady drawbacks that come with it. So, you need to research and look for rental appliances that will work best with your budget. Reliable Appliance Brand Well-known brands are popular for a reason. They’ve stood the test of time and are respected by their users. These brands' products can offer you excellent quality. Plus, fewer visits to a maintenance specialist is an advantage too. So, look for appliance rentals that offer the most reliable appliances. Why Choose Rent to Own when looking for Appliance Rentals Appliance rentals are also long-term investments in your home. It would be best if you gave it a lot of thought and time before deciding what to choose. At Rent to Own, we can help you out! We offer flexible contracts and reasonable weekly payments. Plus, you have nothing to pay upfront, so you can make it fit into your budget. We have rent to own kitchen appliances. Plus, you can also find washer and dryer rentals, laundry appliance rentals, and fridge rentals. So, instead of forking out all your savings at once, why not try rental appliances? Check us out at Rent to Own. Whether you need fridge rentals or other rental appliances, we’ve got you covered.

Quality Kitchen Appliances

There is nothing better than having quality kitchen appliances. Not only do they take some of the work out of everyday tasks, they are reliable and can be extremely energy efficient. Which is why when an appliance breakdowns, it can be a huge pain and financial strain to replace with something of quality. While it may be tempting to purchase something a little cheaper and less quality, especially if money is a little tight, going with cheaper and lower quality items can mean that you are just having to replace them again quicker, they may not be as efficient at their job and even more annoying, they may use more electricity than an appliance that is of a better quality. That is why Rent to Own kitchen appliance rentals come in handy. Home appliance rentals are a great way to get your hands on a quality kitchen appliance, without having to pay a whole lot of money up front. By signing up to a simple, long term rent to own contract, eventually not only will you own your new kitchen appliance, but you will have saved the hassle of having to go without or replacing it with a product of poorer quality just to save some money initially. If you are in need of kitchen appliance rentals, then contact Rent to Own to see how we can help you get the appliance you need and get you back on track as soon as possible. Superb Laundry Appliances Speaking of poor quality appliances being a huge strain on the power bill, there are not many home appliances that can affect a power bill more than laundry appliances. Especially applicable to dryers, a poor-quality dryer or one that is not functionally correct can really be a huge drain on your power. Not to mention, poor quality or poorly functioning washing machines also can be extremely energy inefficient and even waste water. Washing machines and clothes dryers can be an expensive upfront investment, which is why it is tempting to use them even if they are not functioning correctly, replace them with lower quality appliances or even more inconvenient, going without. Do not put yourself through the hassle of having to lug your clothes to and from the laundromat or having to put up with poorly functioning or bad quality laundry appliances- instead look into appliance rentals. Rent to Own laundry appliance rentals are a handy and cost-effective way to ensure that you can replace or purchase any quality washing machine and/or dryer without having to spend a huge amount of money upfront. Do not put yourself through all the inconvenience of not having access to superb laundry appliances, instead take advantage of the amazing offers and plans that Rent to Own has available. You will be getting on top of that washing and drying in no time, with barely a dent in your weekly budget. Rent to Own Fridges Let’s face it. When a fridge decides to breakdown, it is never at a convenient time. It is also one of those appliances where you cannot really take your time replacing. A fridge is one thing that our homes need, especially if it is full when it breaks down. Instead of letting your food go off while you are trying to scrap together the finances or make the decision to purchase a new fridge, head straight to Rent to Own appliance rentals so we can help you get a new fridge in your home as soon as possible. Just tell us what you need from your fridge - size, capacity and capabilities - as well as anything you really want like colour, types of doors and where the freezer is located and we can go through our range to find you the best fridge rentals for your home. We can help you find the right fridge as well as get you on the right plan, that way you do not have to be spending too much money at a time where it is most likely not convenient too. At Rent to Own appliance rentals, we understand just how important and time sensitive fridge rentals can be, so leave it with us and let us find the best fridge and deal for your wants and needs.

Rent to Own Kitchen Appliances

Everybody loves their kitchen appliances. Whether it is refrigerators or dishwashers, the convenience that these appliances bring to our life are well and truly noted once they are gone. Which is why when they need replacing, you always want to get it sorted as soon as possible. With some appliances though, it is not always the most convenient time to spend too much money replacing them straight away. That is why appliance rentals are such a handy service. Rent to Own understands the disruption that having an appliance out of action can have on the household. Whether it is that little bit of extra time washing the dishes or being unable to just heat up food in the microwave, nobody wants to go without these for too long. That is why at Rent to Own, we make appliance rentals easy and can get a new dishwasher, refrigerator or other various kitchen appliances into your home in no time at all. With various rental plans to suit your budget and a quick service, we want your household back in action as soon as possible. There are always a few models available, but if you do not see one that meets your requirements, get in touch and we can see how we can help you. Our various rental plans will have you owning these products in no time and our plans come with free delivery and installation. If you need to replace your dishwasher or any other kitchen appliances but are not exceptionally keen to part with a whole lot of cash, consider Rent to Own appliance rentals. Quality Fridges and Freezers One of the best things about the festive season is getting together and sharing the day with the family. The side effect of this is generally that there is a lot of food being bought, stored and consumed either in preparation of or left over from all of the Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations. That is where having an extra fridge and/or freezer comes in handy and can be a real lifesaver not just in the festive season but throughout the year. For those who like to entertain regularly or maybe just like to buy food in bulk, having that extra fridge or freezer is a real lifesaver. When you are purchasing an additional fridge or freezer, it is important that you buy quality as appliances like fridges can be a real strain on the electricity budget if they are not of good quality. At Rent to Own, we specialise in appliance rentals so to get good quality freezer or fridge rentals without having to pay the costs straight out of pocket, our appliance rental plans give you the freedom to have the fridge or freezer in your home and pay it off over an extended time period. Our appliance rentals come with free delivery and installation so all you have to do to get your new quality fridge is get in contact with us and let us help you get the one that suits your requirements. Washer and Dryer Rentals When a washer or dryer breaks down, it can be an absolute disaster. Nobody wants to get stuck handwashing or having to go back and forth to the laundromat. Which is why if you find yourself in a position where your washer or dryers break down, Rent to Own washer and dryer rental is the home appliance rentals that has you covered. Out all of the appliance rentals available, washer and dryer rentals are almost at the top of importance, after fridge rentals. Keep the family up to date with washing and do not get yourself stressed over having to pay so much money out of pocket by taking advantage of our washer and dryer rentals. Like most of our appliance rentals, there is free delivery and installation available so all you have to do is find the right washer or dryer to suit your requirements and pick a plan that suits you. Do not be stuck without a washer or dryer or paying upfront to get them replaced, especially around Christmas in a year that has already caused a big financial strain to many people. Rent to Own has you covered with appliance rentals.

Quality Laundry Appliances

As a rental appliances business that allows you to rent and then own the appliances, we understand and have an appreciation for having to provide a large sum of money upfront for a laundry appliance. For this reason, we remove numerous stressors through our laundry appliance rentals offering by saving you have to come up with a large sum of money to purchase the appliance and then there’s the added stress of whether you have purchased the perfect appliance for your needs. Our range is extensive enough to suit any family, yet also limited so that you also don’t get overwhelmed by the range. However, if you know what you want we can also arrange for a custom order so that you can rent the exact one you prefer while not having to part with your large sum of money for the appliance all in one go. As part of our laundry appliance rentals offering we include washing machines, both front and top loading, as well as dryers. Within our offering and based on a twenty-four month contract, you’re able to hire a range of fantastic laundry appliances from as little as six dollars per week. Some customers we’ve spoken to have told us they’ve paid more for fancy coffee before! To enjoy all the benefits of using our laundry appliance rentals service reach out to Rent to Own today for a further discussion.

Appliance Rentals: Refrigerators

As a rental appliances business, Rent to Own can appreciate that a refrigerator can often be one of the most costliest additions to any kitchen and the outright purchase of a refrigerator can be absolutely crippling on the financial position of an individual or family who wishes to purchase a new one. At Rent to Own our aim is to end this pain for individuals and families by minimising the up front hurt of the cost of the appliance into more bite sized and manageable payments across monthly payment terms. Customers who choose to access our fridge rentals and freezer rentals services enjoy the comfort of knowing our purchasing team have handpicked these appliances on offer. With refrigerator rentals from as little as thirteen dollars per week on a twenty-four month contract, some of our customers often tell us that they can’t afford not to take us up on such manageable repayments. With a diverse range of customers in mind, we understand that offering only one range of refrigerators won’t appeal to a wide range of customers which is why we have a rather extensive range on offer that you should be guaranteed to find a refrigerator that is right for you, your family and lifestyle.

Quality Rent To Own Televisions

With the constant advancement in technology with TVs it can be difficult to stay up to date throughout the years. For this reason Rent to Own offers fantastic solutions that will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the latest technology in your living at a manageable weekly cost. Whether you’re a casual user of Netflix or perhaps you’re a keen gamer who has just purchased the latest gaming consoles on the market, having access to the latest and greatest TVs and technology associated are great ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your home entertainment experience. At Rent to Own we know and trust TCL brand TVs as we find their good value for money, reliable and typically user friendly. However, if you’re in the market for a specific TV we can also look at arranging a custom rental for you with the option to ultimately own the TV at the end of the contract term. We offer smart TVs from as little as seven dollars per week based on a twenty-four month contract. Furthermore, if you’re not comfortable transporting and setting up the TV, then you’ve come to the right place! Included in our service offering and weekly rental fee, our customers benefit from having the unit delivered straight to their home and a basic installation is provided at no further cost. Our team members can also provide a high level rundown on how to operate the unit and answer any basic questions you might have. To upgrade your home entertainment experience for a small weekly charge, get in touch with Rent to Own today.

Appliance Rentals For You

Appliance Rentals For You

At Rent to Own we are more than just a company that lets you rent much needed home appliances, we see ourselves as a solutions provider by helping give you the ability and choice to either only rent a product for a management weekly cost with scope to ultimately owning the appliance. As part of Rent to Owns offering, we offer a wide range of home appliances that leaves you spoilt for choice when you’re looking through our extensive selection. Our range includes fridge rentals, freezers, washer and dryer rentals, air conditioners, vacuums, dishwashers, and more. To help sweeten the deal for our customers, on all our appliance rental we provide free delivery which can usually take place within forty-eight hours. With branch locations conveniently placed in both Beenleigh and Morayfield, we offer appliance rental and delivery to the majority of south east QLD, including Caboolture, Deception Bay, Logan, the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Eagleby, and many other areas. As part of Rent to Owns commitment to customers, we offer flexible contract terms so we can tailor rentals to suit all budgets for your appliance rental. In the area of appliance rentals, you’re like to be hard pressed to come across a rental company that allows within the contract to return products at anytime. If the goods are in good condition the contract will be cancelled and the only outstanding amount would be any arrears. Further to this, we allow for contracts to be paid out early. All you need to do is simply contact us if you would like a payout figure as we are often able to offer a significant discount of balance of the agreement. For the perfect home appliance rentals and terms to suit your budget, speak to one of our friendly team members today. Choosing a Washing Machine It has to be known that washing machines can often be one of the harder appliances to shop for. In the space of washing machines, when you begin your search you could be faced with lots of technical mumbo jumbo from the different types of washing machines and the stress of having to choose one can weigh on you as you’re likely to keep the washing machine for years to come. So the last thing you want to do is choose a washing machine that isn’t suited to you or your household. From our experience in helping our customers select the right washing machine for their appliance rentals, we’ll cover what to look for in your next washing machine at a high level. You should consider the capacity of the washing machine you need for you and your household. Given that washing machine capacities can range anywhere from 5kg to 18kg, it can be a daunting choice given the span of size you can choose from. If you’re unsure on how big you’re washing cycle is likely to be, a trick to checking this is by picking up an average sized load of washing and placing it in a basket on some scales to understand how much it weighs. This might help you firm up the size of washing machine you require. Another consideration for you is the cycle time of a washing machine. You will find that top loaders are typically faster than a front loader due to the fact that front loaders typically use less water. Luckily for our appliance rental customers, we offer both front and top loader washing machines. Choosing a Refrigerator Despite the fact that some may find that shopping for a fridge isn’t the most exciting activity, a fridge is one of the more important appliances within a household. In recent times fridges have begun being a focal point in the kitchen and can elevate the look of a kitchen. We’ll cover some of the considerations to make when choosing your next fridge. Before doing anything, you should start by measuring the space where you fridge will be going. The last thing you need is getting home with that brand new fridge and it doesn’t fit within the slot in your kitchen. Another common consideration is also measuring the width of your front door. Although it sounds funny, you won’t be laughing when you can’t get your fridge through your front door. Once you know how big your fridge can be, the next step is getting the size of the fridge right to suit your household. Depending on the number of household member you have will impact how big or small a fridge you should consider. As a committed appliance rentals service and for your next potential fridge rental, our team can help you firm your decision on your next fridge.

Rental Appliances

In the current climate where you may not prefer to part with a large sum of money for your upcoming appliance purchase, the appliance rentals option could be the answer for you. Rent to Own offers rental payments on a weekly basis for a twenty-four-month contract. Given fridges are likely to be the most expensive appliance in your whole kitchen (aside from ovens and stovetops), this is a prime appliance to consider an appliance rental on as there is always the large upfront costs for that perfect fridge to suit your kitchen and your lifestyle. At Rent to Own we pride ourselves on our high-quality selection of rental appliances and each fridge on offer has been carefully selected by our purchasing team so you have various options when engaging us for an appliance rental. With our fridge rentals starting from thirteen dollars a week for a 311L fridge freezer through to our more premium side by side and french door fridges offered in different colours to adapt your interior. Our higher end fridge rentals go up to convenient instalments of forty-two dollars a week. With our extensive range of fridges kept in stock in our warehouses, we can potentially quickly assist you should you need a fridge rental. Kitchen Appliances for Rent to Own If you’re in the market for a modern dishwasher or microwave Rent to Own kitchen appliance rentals can potentially assist with your acquisition with no upfront payment. Rather than seeing a big cash outflow in these uncertain times, you can be left with repayment schedules on our full range of dishwashers and microwaves. Despite already having a fantastic range of Rent to Own kitchen appliances, if you’re not able to find an appliances that suits your particular needs you can reach out to our helpful team on the exact appliance and model you’re after and we can provide you costings on the rental appliance you’re after. Our team is committed to exceeding expectations with the ability to source a wide range of appliances and pair the appliance with a weekly cost. Our quoted prices on our Rent to Own appliances are based on our twenty-four-month Rent To Own contract and as part of our committed service we provide you with free delivery on all appliances as well as installation. Talk about service! If a twenty-four-month term doesn’t quite suit, our contracts are in fact flexible; we tailor this to allow our customers to benefit from flexible weekly repayments and as part of this there’s absolutely no upfront cost to you and we strive to provide you with a fast approval as we understand the need for a new appliance in some cases can be quite urgent. Approval is dependent on your financial circumstances but we aim to provide you with a result within a timely manner. Rent to Own Laundry Appliances In all households across Australia the need for a quality washing machine and dryer is paramount to any functioning household. You can expect an average household in Australia to use to at minimum one load per day depending on the number of household members. For many Australians financially committing to a new washing machine or dryer might be out of the question due to constantly rising living costs and other commitments like mortgages or rent and so on. At Rent to Own we provide a washer and dryer rental solution to many Australians that allow them access to these appliances on terms that are more suitable to their budget and lifestyle. With front and top loader washing machines on offer and quality dryers to complement our washing machine offer, Rent to Own has your laundry appliance rentals covered in full. If you can’t see a washing machine or dryer that suits your needs our team is glad to provide pricing on a customer order. As part of our all-inclusive rent to own service we are also in a position to provide a speedy delivery and installation service.